About Us

YFC Southern Cape

Youth For Christ South Africa is a non-denominational youth ministry directly addressing the problems and needs of the young people of South Africa, with a special focus on the poor and disadvantaged.

People of vision and a concern for our youth have built YFC into an organisation that has been in operation in South Africa for 57 years and which now operates in 18 centres in 7 provinces around South Africa, and in 120 countries world-wide.

The mission of Youth for Christ is to participate in the mental, physical, social and spiritual development of young people. By spiritual development we understand the vital importance of each young person becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.

In George and the surrounding areas we network very widely with other caring organizations and our work with youth and youth groups include the following three main projects:

Kidstop – a project which reaches out to community street children and their families across the George area. At our drop-in centre in Borchards, children receive nutritious meals, clothes, life skills training, literacy classes, counseling, spiritual input and loving care.

Options Care Centre – reaches out to people in crisis from our centre at 122 York Street offering pregnancy and HIV testing, counseling and support. Related services include a mother/baby/emergency food pantry, an income-generating project, a Teen Parent Club, ante-natal classes, and post-abortion counseling.

Peer Education – is a school-based programme focused on lifeskillls and HIV/AIDS prevention. Our team of young facilitators are active in 12 high schools in the area, encouraging learners to make wise decisions in every area of their lives.

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